• Hibbett

    David Hibbett / Brief biography

    David Hibbett is Professor of Biology at Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA ( He received his PhD in 1991 from Duke University, working with Rytas Vilgalys. Subsequently, he held postdoctoral appointments at the Tottori Mycological Institute, Japan (with Akihiko Tsuneda), and at Harvard University (with Michael Donoghue). In 2012, he served as President of the Mycological Society of America.
    Hibbett’s research interests are focused on systematics of Agaricomycetes. In addition to molecular phylogenetics, he has performed studies in developmental morphology, comparative genomics, and paleomycology. He has a particular interest in the polyphyletic “lentinoid” fungi, including the shiitake genus Lentinula.

  • Hibbett

    Robert B. Beelman / Brief biography

    Robert B. Beelman is Professor Emeritus of Food Science and Director of the Center for Plant and Mushroom Foods for Health at University Park, Pennsylvania (USA) ( He received his B.S. in Biology in 1966 from Capital University, M.S. in 1967 and PhD in 1970 from The Ohio State University.
    Recent research has focused on development of methods to enhance the levels of important bioactive components of cultivated mushrooms in order to improve their nutritional/and or medicinal value. For example, commercially practical methods have been developed to enhance the levels of selenium, ergothioneine and ergocalciferol (Vit. D2) that can make mushrooms, or their products, as the best sources of these compounds in a plant-based diet.